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Know all about Migraines

Are you experiencing headaches more than twice a week?
young woman is touching her forehead, while having headache, migraine
Women with Migraine Headache
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Are you experiencing headaches more than twice a week? If your answer is yes, then it is advisable to consult the doctor rather than managing the pain with over-the-counter medicines.

Your doctor could conduct further investigations to understand the exact cause of these recurring headaches. You can relate your headache with either any one or a combination of symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to sound and/or light that could have lasted for a few hours or few days. Also, you can be experiencing either a unilateral or a bilateral headache which is yet an important symptom to consider when evaluating the headache condition.

Women with Migraine Headache
a young woman is touching her forehead while having a headache, migraine

There have been instances of patients experiencing sensory disturbances in the form of flashes of light or detect smells that are not present in the environment. These disturbances are known as auras. These auras last for a short duration and are considered as a signal or a premonition of the impending migraine headache.

If you relate to any of these symptoms then there are high chances that you could have experienced a migraine headache attack! But relax, there is no need to fear as migraines are treatable.

Do you know that migraine is a dreaded neurological disorder that affects many people worldwide? Statistics reveal that migraine is the 2nd most disabling medical disorder and the 6th most commonly occurring medical condition worldwide. Also, Indians suffer the most from migraines when compared to the rest of the world’s population.

Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney, the best neurosurgeon in Mumbai states that migraine is a neurological condition that comes in episodes and very debilitating to the patient.

The diagnosis of the migraine is based on symptoms, patient history, and physical as well as neurological examination. At times, MRI and CT scans are recommended only to rule out serious medical conditions, if essential.

Generally, migraines are treated in two phases majorly through medications. viz. the intensive treatment that relieves the patient from the current migraine attack and the long-term treatment to prevent further migraine attacks in the future.

After the intensive treatment period, you will have to maintain a migraine book where you will write that how many times you have got these attacks in the month for further treatment. In case, you have not experienced migraine attacks for the following six months then the treatment will be gradually stopped.

Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney recounts the case of a 29 YO female patient who was suffering from migraines for quite some time. After a thorough clinical evaluation and diagnosis, they arrived at her trigger i.e. set of conditions leading to the migraine attack. Once the ‘trigger’ was zeroed down upon, Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney prescribed suitable medications and suggested lifestyle modifications that ensured her total relief from migraines.

Some general trigger conditions such as :

  • staying hungry for long hours,
  • stress, fluctuating hormone levels,
  • caffeine overload or withdrawal,
  • exposure to the sun,
  • changes in the season,
  • food cravings and certain allergies can lead to migraines.

Dr. Sawhney, a highly experienced neurosurgeon reassures that migraines are curable with suitable treatment and lifestyle modifications. He further states that people need not live in fear that a migraine attack is likely to disrupt their daily routines related to their professional and/or household duties and also their social lives.  They should seek medical consultation and treatment to resolve their migraine attacks as it is possible for them to function and work normally even while suffering from a dreaded disease called migraine.

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