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Children and Cellphones

Is it good or bad
Children on Mobile Phone
Children on Mobile Phone
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Technology / Smartphones have made our life very simple, easy, and most effective and convenient.

At the same time, as a parent, we need to worry about the impact or the effects it has on our children. Have you ever noticed that your children are glued to their smartphones?

Smartphones limit their creative minds. Since kids have easy access to their phones they are always glued to various games on the screen. These games limit their creativity and imaginations and slow their motor and optical sensory development.

For children, face-to-face interactions are the primary ways they gain knowledge and learn. Screen time takes away from learning and physically exploring the world through play and interactions.

The other most important drawback of extended screentime is on their health. They are exposed to radiation from cell phone usage. The other risk factor is Obesity, which is due to sedentary screentime. It also affects their sleep as they are more and more glued to their phone screen, which is also affecting their eyes. Even their academic performance is at stake for eg: YouTube is more interesting than their Science Project or Maths Project.

The Bottom Line is that we as a parent should take care of:

  1. Limit the amount of time spent on the phone.
  2. Create an environment at home where your kids are playing with you and not with their cell phones.
  3. Phones should be kept away during meal times, an hour before bedtime.
  4. Have an open discussion with your child about the risks of cell phone usage.
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