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Are you suffering from Neck Pain?

Early diagnosis is paramount and can have promising result timely intervention
neck pain
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Neck Pain is also caused by specific spinal conditions

  • Pain around Neck/base of Head-Occiput/ trapezius to shoulders
  • Common causes
    • Posture / Muscle fatigue -constant dull aching pain/constant gaze in a flexed position – advise – posture correction and supervised Physiotherapy
    • Degenerative ( wear-n-tear ) changes -neck spasm – common – managed by simple pain management and supervised physiotherapy
  • NOT ALL NECK PAINS ARE ARE DUE TO SIMPLE CAUSES and need a specialist opinion. Neck pain (seemingly subtle/simple neck pain) can also be caused by problems requiring specific care
  • Causes of neck pain often requiring timely diagnosis and specialist opinion
    • Slip Disc with nerve compression
    • Cervical Myelopathy
    • Facet arthritis progressive symptoms
    • Cervical spine Tuberculosis
    • Cervical Spine Tumors
    • Cervical Spine metastasis
    • Cervical Spine pyogenic infection
    • Cervical Spine fracture or Whiplash
    • Metabolic Causes
    • Cervical Spinal Deformity.
  • Early diagnosis is paramount and can have promising result timely intervention
  • Early Diagnosis can be established with detailed history taking to rule out any red flag signs – night Pain, Rest pain, Activity pains, 24 hours pain, Progressive symptoms, Neurological symptoms – paresthesiae, Numbness, Weakness of time movements of hands, Gait imbalance, Fever with pain
  • Any of these red flag signs shall raise suspicion and may need a specialist opinion.
  • Cervical Spine Surgery has promising and predictable results and is routinely performed for Cervical slip disc, Cervical myelopathy, Cervical spine Tuberculosis, Cervical spine tumours, Cervical spine infections etc. All cervical spine surgeries are now performed under microscopic control with no risks.
  • Microendoscopic Spine Surgery, Minimal invasive spine surgery ( Keyhole surgery technique ) has promising results with added advantages in cervical spine surgery.


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