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Ergonomic Tips For Work Station Modification

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With COVID 19 pandemic restricting people to Work From Home, this has increased the incidence of neck and back pain due to faulty postures. It is very essential to focus on proper ergonomics during work for better Spine Health. Here are few important tips for workstation modification.

Watch the height of your screen

With head in neutral position close your eyes. Now open your eyes which should be aimed at centre of your computer screen. Adjust the screen so that it is level with your gaze. The laptop screen may need to be raised with a stack of books or box.

Working on table and chair is must

While ‘Work from Home’ entails the luxury of being in one’s suited environment, many people tend to misuse it by working on a couch/sofa or bed. This slouched posture puts sustained unequal pressure on paraspinal muscles which tend to fatigue. It is very necessary to use a table and chair support.

Ergonomic posture

Maintaining a proper ergonomic workstation is extremely important. Upper arms being parallel to the spine, forearms rested on side chair supports, chair with back supports with angles just past 90 degrees, and adjusting the height in such a way that feet are placed on the ground with hips and knees at 90 degrees is necessary to prevent back and neck pain.

Regular breaks and stretches

While one tends to be engrossed in work for long hours, it causes muscles of back and neck to become over-worked. Frequent breaks accompanied by neck and back stretches (5 minutes every hour) goes a long way to prevent spine issues in long run.

A nutritious diet, exercise, and mental well being

This cocktail prevents not only spine issues but also maintains good health. Avoiding stress, a regular diet rich in vitamins and minerals and along with exercise has been recommended to improve the general well-being of individuals.

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